can certain foods help you look younger?

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 Tag along with me to see what foods I buy for optimal gut and skin health avocados these are amazing for not just gut health but for your skin as well, they’re packed with fiber which helps support smoother digestion and a healthier weight they also have lots of healthy fat and vitamin e which can really help keep your skin hydrated and give it that glow from within look.


 now i know what you’re thinking are we actually telling you to eat chocolate well you see chocolate that’s at least 70 cacao is great for your skin ,because it’s high in polyphenols this potent antioxidant has been shown to help protect skin from premature aging as well as improve elasticity and suppleness.


 my go-to walnuts and pistachios because they’re great for skin health and are loaded with omegas antioxidants vitamins and minerals that help promote and even skin tone and support smoother more glowing looking skin.


 it’s one of my top spices for your skin because it contains curcumin which has powerful antioxidant and immune supporting benefits that have been linked to brighter healthier looking skin ,my favorite way to eat it is in homemade curries and soups.


did you know certain fruits like pineapple and mangoes can be bad for your skin that’s because when ripe they’re full of sugar which stimulates the production of harmful free radicals and over time can lead to dry skin wrinkles and dark spots.

is steak actually healthy?

well that depends it is full of essential vitamins and minerals as well as protein which is crucial for building a strong body and muscles, however when you cook steak it produces a nasty group of compounds called advanced glycation end products also known as ages ,which like it sounds can make you appear older than you actually are

well is bread actually healthy?

while some people can tolerate bread better than others ,the high amount of lectins like gluten can lead to digestive upset weight gain and even skin issues.

is honey actually healthy?

now this one might surprise you while many might think honey is a better substitute for sugar it still reacts the same way in the body by creating advanced glycation end products so it should be used in extreme moderation in order to prevent premature aging

is corn actually healthy?

well it’s a popular staple in so many different cuisines this one is on my no list why because it has lectins and as you get older you might experience digestive and even skin issues when consuming a diet high in lectins well

can some sweeteners actually be healthy?

well while artificial sweeteners like aspartame and splenda are in so many diet foods that does not mean they are healthy alternative that’s because they can wreak havoc on your gut by disrupting the balance of good and bad bacteria which plays a crucial role in not just smoother digestion but also maintaining skin health.

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