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 Pomegranates contains antioxidant antiviral and anti-tumor properties it is also a good source of vitamins especially vitamin a vitamin c and vitamin e ,as well as folic acid in fact you will be surprised to know that the antioxidants present in pomegranates are almost three times higher than in wine or green tea , eating pomegranates on a daily basis or drinking the juice can be an excellent aid for your health/

let’s see the important benefits of consuming pomegranate regularly.

Number one

 thins your blood antioxidants present in pomegranate which act as a blood thinner the seeds of a pomegranate prevent your blood platelets from forming clots and coagulating there are two types of blood clots the first is the good one which speeds the recovery during a cutter and injury and the second is when there is any internal clot like in the heart arteries or anywhere else inside the body these types of clots are not good and can be fatal eating pomegranates every day can thin your blood and prevent blood clotting.

Number two

 improves digestive health we know fiber is important for good digestion but due to our lifestyle we miss the goodness of fiber in our vegetables and fruits but just eating one pomegranate every day can be one of the best ways to include fiber in your daily routine it can offer 45 percent of your daily recommended intake of fiber further nutrients found in pomegranate can promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

Number three

 protects from free radicals free radicals are responsible for premature aging free radicals are formed by exposure to the sun and harmful toxins in the environment adding pomegranate to your diet can protect you from free radicals as it is rich in antioxidants and thus protects our body from free radicals.

Number four

 The prevention of atherosclerosis as with increasing age in the type of lifestyle we live the walls of our arteries become harder due to cholesterol which results in blockages in arteries sometimes the pomegranate prevents bad cholesterol from oxidizing due to its antioxidant property eating pomegranates regularly can remove the excess fat and prevents the hardening of artery walls.

Number five

 prevents arthritis there are various forms of arthritis but the majority of them include joint inflammation pomegranate contains plant compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties which may help block inflammation thus pomegranate may help in the treatment of arthritis laboratory studies found that pomegranate extract can inhibit enzymes that harm joints in osteoarthritis patients.

Number six

 lowers blood pressure having high blood pressure is one of the primary causes of stroke and heart attack humicic acid is one of the main ingredients of pomegranate which lower cholesterol and blood pressure just drinking pomegranate juice daily may also help lower systolic blood pressure.

Number seven

 Enhance memory according to recent studies drinking eight ounces of pomegranate juice daily may improve learning and memory it enhance markers of both visual and verbal memory it has also been shown to aid in preventing alzheimer’s disease and retaining overall cognitive health.

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