what is ketosis?

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so what is ketosis well your body normally runs on a combination of fat and sugar and when you run down your sugar supplies either because you have been exercising very heavily or because you’ve been fasting or because you’ve been on a really low carb diet then your body switches over into fat burning mode the way it does that is by mobilizing your fat stores and turning them into these things called ketone bodies and your body is quite happy and as is your brain to use those as fuel and so over time these ketone bodies rise and you go into a state known as ketosis.

the difference between ketosis and being on a keto diet

now ketosis simply describes the rise in ketone bodies in your blood and that can be caused by a number of things including exercise and being on low carb diet or intermittent fasting but to be on a keto diet means to be one that is really low carb typically less than 50 grams of carbs a day and when that happens it forces your body to start producing these ketone bodies and so going on a keto diet will induce ketosis but being in a state of ketosis does not mean that you are necessarily on a keto diet people do ask me about whether I recommend the keto diets and i think it very much depends keto diet has been around for over a hundred years and was originally used to treat people with epilepsy and continues to be used for that to this day it also seems to be very effective for helping people who have type 2 diabetes manage their condition for many people it is a great way to lose weight initially but it is something that people struggle to do long term so , what I suggest is if you are or if you do have type 2 diabetes or epilepsy then you might very well consider it though you ought to talk to your doctor but if you’re going to do a keto diet do it sort of short term some people can stick to it longer term

benefits of short-term keto

┬áincluding rapid weight loss and improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar levels and there are lots of different forms of keto diet as well so it’s important to go on the right one the fast 800 diet is an 800 to 900 calorie a day diet that’s what you start on before you move through the stages and doing that will probably put you into a state of ketosis because you are going to be kind of running down your sugar supplies but if you decide to go for the keto version of it then this is an accelerated way of going into ketosis because not only are you low calorie but you’re also very low carb and the combination of that should you put you should put you into a state of ketosis faster flipping the metabolic switch simply means moving from one type of fuel to another so it is moving from mainly burning sugar to mainly burning fat and vice versa it’s a bit like a hybrid car you’re driving along most of the time you run your electricity as the electricity supply begins to run down you flip over into burning petrol and then once you’ve topped up the battery again you flip back into electric mode and our bodies do that all the time and indeed most animals do that as well because most animals have to exist in a or historically have had to exist in periods of feast and famine so they’ve had to have this ability to flip the metabolic switch to survive through the tough times after all your fat stores are there mainly as a source of energy available when there’s not a lot of other food around you can eat fruit on a keto plan but it’s advisable to sort of reduce the amount of it plenty of green veggies and things like that but if you’re going to be eating fruit then it needs to be necessarily low carb and so that really means things like berries depending on what you’re doing with the rest of your diet you could conceivably eat an apple but you need to look very carefully at what the carb content of the fruits is because most of them are surprisingly high so blackberries strawberries raspberries they’re all really low carb but there are not many other fruits you can say that of.

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