Top Crypto To Buy In 2022

Top Crypto to buy in July 2022
Top Crypto to buy in July 2022

we have ethereum now this is a coin we all probably honestly own at this point but before you skip over this section let me make but before I do i know a lot of you guys are into trading or want to start trading so I highly suggest you guys checking out lux algo it’s an algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell any given assets such as stocks crypto forex whatever that’s on trading view it’ll tell you when to buy and sell now I’ve been using it for about two maybe two to three years now and it’s honestly a game changer they have so many special indicators that you guys can use so it’s not just one thing they have multiple different things that you guys can use when making trades that way your trades actually come out profitable now I’ve talked about them plenty of times in previous videos but if you guys want solid real signals that actually work that tell you to want to buy and sell you guys can attach lux all go to your trading view charts all by clicking the link I have down in the description box below all right now back to the rest of the video okay so when we look at aetherium back in 2017 and 2018 you can see that it fell hard from fourteen hundred dollars all the way down to eighty-five dollars but then it came all the way back to its all-time high of about forty-nine hundred dollars this is what I mean when I say investing in coins that have gone through these horrible crashes because you know they’ll always come back ethereum got absolutely crushed along with bitcoin back in 2018 and lost over 90 percent of its value yet it still managed to come back and make some insane gains that are what we’re going for here and I think ethereum will do exactly that again ethereum is sitting just above a thousand dollars right now and recently it was in the news for successfully merging its first test net to proof of stake model which is basically just a test run for the new proof of stake model but the real and final one in the the main net is supposed to be happening around sometime in august but the chances are that’s going to be delayed as well because it’s been delayed a couple of times already but the specific test merge that we just saw is very important because it’s the closest in terms of a replica to the final poured into ethereum as well and the the reason why all this money is going to flow in is because of this update there won’t be any need for miners anymore which is very bad for the environment and because of that a lot of people and large corporations were actually holding
off on investing in Ethereum because it would give them a bad reputation but when the merge happens and we finally go to e 2.0 all those miners will go offline and they won’t be needed any more this will now allow companies to justify investing into eth because it’s more socially accepted now the second reason is that staking rewards are said to increase a lot with this merge right now you can get around three to five percent when staking with the theorem but when this merge happens we’re looking at double-digit returns close to ten percent for just taking your Ethereum
and with those returns, i can almost guarantee a lot of people are going to be moving over to Ethereum just so they can get that fat staking reward and make that passive income and the best part of all this is with all this increased demand we’re going to see we’re also going to be getting a decreased supply because when this merge happens Ethereum is going to cut its issuance rate by 90 percent to become a deflationary coin because currently, Ethereum is inflationary meaning there is more eth being issued every day than being burned but with this merge, we’ll see it turn into a deflationary coin meaning more east will be burned than issued now if we dig deep into what we learned in economics class if demand is increasing and supply is decreasing the price only has one direction to go and that is up which is why I’m super bullish on Ethereum and the merger that is set to happen later this year hopefully and

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