Best 10 Baby Name In 2023

Best Baby Name In 2023

baby name 2023

You’re going to be a parent. You can’t deny it any longer. You’ve been wondering what you’re going to name your child for as long as you’ve known about the existence of babies, and now is finally here—your child is here!

There are many things to consider when choosing a baby name, but one of the most important is how your choice will impact the life of that child. If you choose a name that’s difficult for them to pronounce, wordy, or otherwise not easy to say aloud, they’ll have trouble communicating their needs and wants. If you choose a name that has no meaning behind it (or worse: an abbreviation), they’ll grow up feeling like they don’t have any identity outside of what they were given at birth.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Our team of experts has carefully combed through thousands of names and narrowed down our favorites to this list. We know every single one of these names will make your baby proud and proud parents proud—so go ahead and check them out!

We’re so excited to help you name your little one.

We know that picking out a name is a big deal, and we want to make sure it’s the best decision for you and your child. So here are our top 10 baby names for 2023 :

  • Ava

  • Alexander

  • Eleanor

  • Emma

  • Evelyn

  • Isabella

  • Isla

  • Maeve (means sea wave)

  • Olivia

  • Sophia

Most Popular Baby Names

  • Olivia: This name has been the top girl’s name in the US for more than a decade now. It’s also the most popular girl’s name in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Argentina and Mexico.

  • Sophia: Sophia is not only a top choice for girls but boys too! It was the most popular girl’s name in England and Wales until 2009 when it fell to number two behind Emily. It was also number top one in 2015.

  • Olivia Rose: This rose-inspired name is going gangbusters these days thanks to its popularity among parents who want something fresh for their daughters.

  • Amelia Grace: The name Amelia came into fashion around 2000, but it hasn’t been able to overtake names like Emily or Sophie that are so common today—and that makes Amelia Grace a perfect choice if you want a unique moniker for your little angel!

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